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Donation form for Lakewood No on Impound (PDF)

Ed Knox’s resource list on CWAs and PLAs. (Word Doc)

Governor Ritter’s Buy American Executive Order. (website)

Pinnacol problems and legislative remedies, from Sen. Morgan Carroll. (PDF)

Pinnacol Surplus, from Sen. Morgan Carroll. (PDF)

Greg King’s excellent explainer on the Health Care bills in Congress. (PDF)

Labor Initiative letter to Gov. Ritter urging he sign and not veto SB 180 and HB 1170, May 2009. (PDF)

Letter of Support for TSA Workers, passed at May 2009 meeting. (Word doc)

Resolution in Support of Project Labor Agreements at VA Hospital, passed at April 2009 meeting. (PDF)

AFL-CIO Summary of Employee Free Choice Act. (PDF)

Colorado Democratic Party Resolution on EFCA. (PDF)

Sample Buy American Resolution for your organization to use. (Word doc)

Download the 2010 By-Laws of the Labor Initiative.


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Judy Padilla on Rocky Flats Workers (CDP LI 7/2011)

Tim Allport on Republican Strategy in Wisconsin & Beyond (3/2011)

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