We are located at:

789 Sherman Street, Suite 110
Denver, Colorado 80203

I. The purpose of the Labor Initiative of the Colorado Democratic Party is to:

A. Promote the labor movement by fostering cooperative and coordinated action between unions and the Democratic Party by doing outreach and recruitment.
B. Educate about issues that improve the quality of life for all Americans.
C. Work with businesses and other organizations on political issues and projects that support working families.

II. Our mission is to advance the axiom that labor is instrumental to the principles of economic and social justice. The right to form and join unions is a fundamental democratic concept that should not be infringed upon. We premise our mission on the belief that removing democracy from the workplace is removing it from society.

FYI: Many of our members have worked hard to write the By-Laws and set up an aggressive and strategic agenda.

  • You must be a registered Democrat when you join the Labor Initiative.
  • You DO NOT have to be a Union Member.
  • Donation for each Calendar Year will be $20.00
  • There will be no paid staff. We are a non-profit organization.
  • Funds will be used for a web site, member E-mail service, printing, postal mailings, advertising and possibly a newspaper.

Click here to download the membership form.

  • The Labor Initiative is affiliated with the Colorado Democratic Party only.
  • The Labor Initiative is not affiliated with any Organized Labor Organization.
  • In accordance with the rules of the Colorado Democratic Party, the Labor Initiative will not endorse any political candidates.

Rules & By-Laws

Download the 2010 By-Laws of the Labor Initiative.